Azquo is designed to be a SaaS product. However, given that we are a new technology, some clients require a more comprehensive curated service.

The Azquo Smart Data Management System

The Azquo Smart Data Management System is a platform upon which bespoke applications are built to solve specific problems.  Standard templates for Financial Budgeting, Expected Credit Loss (ECL), Monthly Intrastat Report, Magento e-commerce reports and some standard marketing reports (please ask for a full list – it changes all the time)

We adopt a multi-faceted approach to any project as follows:

Consultancy & Onboarding

All projects require a deep level of understanding of both the client business and, vitally, the aspirations of the commissioning management team and their stakeholders.  This is an important part of a successful onboarding journey and a solid foundation in delivering the desired outcome. 

The consultancy phase will deliver a written confirmation of the broad scope of the project along with deliverables and timelines.  This document will highlight how we approach the development phase, including the obligations of all parties to the project.


Many of our clients wish to be owner operators (and indeed co-creators) of the applications they require of Azquo.  This means that we will set up a schedule of training workshops, breaking down the overall project into development sprints.  Pricing for this is bespoke because it depends on how many people need to be trained, location, availability, time constraints and more.  We will aim to complete most basic system training within 5 days and the development of any given application will be laid out in a schedule to be approved after the onboarding consultation has been delivered. 

Co-creation of the first suite of applications will be priced at the outset of the project.

Full System Design & Build

Depending on the circumstance, very often Azquo’s team will be asked to replicate an existing process which is often reliant on spreadsheets and/ or some other tools such as Access programmes running on diverse source data sets.  Marketing reports tend to be created by third party suppliers and these can be complex and well protected from replication.  This hasn’t stopped us thus far and you can expect significant savings once migrated to your own Azquo application.

As far as possible we will agree a fee for the software requirements (how many servers, how many users) and then agree service level agreements and a support fee.  Generally we will develop the application within that fee structure which will be fixed for an initial 24 month term.

Account Management

As part of any agreement with Azquo, you will be assigned an Account Manager and a Technical support contact.  These two people will look after every aspect of your project from inception to delivery into production.  They will ensure that the quality and effectiveness of your Azquo applications are reliable and available 24/7 and that your DR and resilience policies are upheld by Azquo and our team.


The team at Azquo are committed to the mantra of putting the customer first.  No matter what the requirement, we will offer support as required no matter where you are located.

Our previous experience running a global SaaS business, supporting clients in every time zone, means that we are well placed to understand and serve your requirements.

Whether you need 24/7 support in Sydney or a one hour SLA in Sydenham, we will tailor a support and account management programme specifically for you.

If you require more detail on how this might work for your business or you wish to discuss some specific commercial pressures – email us at

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