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The story of how Azquo came about goes back to 1982 and weaves a path, with the same core team, through a number of successful businesses to arrive at the Azquo platform. 

Azquo Timeline

In 1982 Bill Cawley began programming in earnest and developed a system called “FarmPlan”, an accounting system for dairies based on his own “4th Generation” language.  The uptake was significant – over 4,000 farms using the system.

C. 1987  Bill Cawley is asked to develop an “expert system” for marketers and starts the journey towards Azquo.

1988.  ARK is born, a DOS-based system where Bill aimed to reduce to the bare minimum the “dimensionality” of data structures in the computer to enable flexibility in importing and presenting data

Clients included BP, HSBC, De Beers, Ernst & Young

C. 1992 – ARK is adapted and renamed Toto to take advantage of a Windows front end and Excel is used as a reporting window onto the ARK database.

Clients included almost half of the Local Education authorities in the UK, Bally Shoes, William Grant Whisky and Magneti Morelli

C.2005 – 2013 Interruption to the “non dimensional data” project to set up and bring to commercial success a feedback brand, Feefo.

2014 – 2017 Intensive development of the new Azquo ASDMS to bring to market a fully non dimensional data management software system

2017 – First client adoptions of Azquo – Joe Browns, and various projects for consultancies

2019 – Ed Broking project to revolutionise data processing within the Lloyds Broking market

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