The Azquo Data Management System(ASDMS) is incredibly flexible and lends itself to all manner of processes and concepts that would normally be carried out in a spreadsheet and cause concerns to senior management about the reliability of the data being produced (as well as the time taken to produce it). 

Azquo Use Cases:

Budgeting and Forecasting/Financial Planning & Analytics (FP&A)

Many businesses from SME to large enterprises are often reliant on Excel for their financial planning and analytics.  The advantages and flexible way in which Excel can handle the idiosyncrasies not just of the business in question, but also the particular preferences of the CFO or finance team more widely make it the software of choice.  However, behind this obvious appeal, there lies great danger that people overlook all too often. 

One of the most obvious drawbacks of Excel is that each time a new financial period comes round, the spreadsheet has to be rebuilt before any planning can take place.  The Azquo Data Management System (ASDMS™) is designed so that any template built in Excel only needs to be created ONCE.  New ideas and concepts (such as financial periods/ business divisions/ changing currencies) can be accepted into the system without upsetting the template or its logic.  This produces two major advantages – huge savings in time and increased accuracy and confidence in the numbers.  This is because ALL cells in Azquo powered spreadsheets can be audited for their origin, their composition, their source and time of inclusion.  The separation of data from logic means that anyone, not just the creator of the template, can clearly see how the data flows through the system. 

Financial Planning and Analytics – the bedrock of commercial success – is simply much more reliable, auditable, manageable and resilient using Azquo than ANY OTHER TOOL.  Please reach out to us for a demo so that we can prove this point to you.

Marketing Matchback

The Azquo Smart Data Management System can handle all manner of complex calculations ranging through the panoply of the size of a “patch of copy” in a paper catalogue or the prominence and size of a website product display location and window.  We can then use the predicted “response curve” and provide insight updated daily (or within day) on the progress of any particular campaign by product so that stock and staffing levels can be adjusted dynamically.  All of this can be linked to any financial reports that we may have for clients using this application so that budgets and actuals can be displayed and updated daily.

Expenses Management

By working with Azquo, companies can use Excel and yet still create the workflows required for sign off, and links to commonly used accounting packages to import the information correctly tagged with nominal codes to mitigate against the time and accuracy taken up with manual copying/ pasting routines.  Once within the Azquo Data Management System™ there is unlimited ability to analyse spending by any category, employee, day of the week or even overlay weather information to see whether temperatures impact the pattern of expenses being submitted.  All records within Azquo build up over time and bringing back historical data becomes instant and accessible.

Expected Credit Loss – IFRS9 compliant

Monthly Intrastat Report – direct from Magento feed.

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