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How do I use Azquo?

Azquo is all about spreadsheets, so using your existing office skills, adapting your spreadsheets to work with Azquo is simple.

How is Azquo different from 'visualization tools'

Visualization tools are designed to show data from company databases graphically. Azquo is designed to present the data in spreadsheets, and to allow you to add to that data by entering in the spreadsheets.

How much data can Azquo handle

We have, so far, tested Azquo on databases with up to 100 million ‘values’ and a similar number of ‘names’.  This was done on a medium-range server.  We believe that Azquo could probably handle many times this amount of data, depending on the power of the server.

What are the commercial terms?

Azquo is provided ‘software-as-a-service’. We install it for you, train you how to use it and help you get the best out of it.

We charge a monthly fee for support.

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