It is a great pleasure not to be concerned about SEO.  That is not to say that I don’t want anyone coming to our site (or anyone reading this blog), but rather that there are relatively few people who would be actually interested in our site or my blog, and I’d prefer to talk only to them.

For this seems to me the inherent problem with SEO if you judge the success only on the number of people visiting your site.   When I put myself in the place of Google, I am sure that by far the most important factor that influences Google in directing people to your site is the amount of time they spend on it.  Google is not interested in promoting sites that do not interest Google users, so, every time someone visits a site, then leaves after a second, Google must register that it has made a mistake, and will actively think that this is not a good site to promote.

For this reason, it’s clear that true SEO should not just create visitors to your site, but create interested visitors.  Every uninterested visitor will be to the detriment of the site.

So,  at Azquo we are, among other aims, creating a suite of reports for Magento which, we believe, will be irresistible to Magento users.   However, if I try ‘Magento reports’ in Google, we are nowhere to be seen.   That makes sense – we are very new, very small, and have only promoted our Magento reports on a subsidiary page.  It will take some time before we’re on the first page, let alone at the top.

But one of our reports is the Intrastat report, and if I type in ‘Magento Intrastat’  our entry is third on the list, despite the fact that we’re small, new, etc.   The reason for this is that we seem to be the ONLY company who produces an Intrastat report for Magento, so when visitors arrive at our site they can see that we do say that we can do what they want.

The lesson is simple:  of course you must ensure that the correct keywords are in your article, but far more important is to ensure that the people who arrive on your site want to read what you’ve written!  I very much hope that those of you who arrived at this page get this far.

..and please do not try ‘Magento Intrastat’, choosing our page, then leave immediately – it will give Google the wrong idea.






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