Unlock Your Data

Release the potential of your business

Azquo put simply

Azquo is the first application designed specifically to be able to store and retrieve data from spreadsheets, while also creating true data accountability.

Unlocking your business potential

You can only make the right decision if you have the right data at hand. All of your important analytical data is always available via the Azquo system.  You will be better informed, so you will make better decisions and have better business performance.

Azquo is a centralised datastore

Allowing for the collection of company data from any source, to be aggregated and manipulated into a presentable online spreadsheet. For example:

  • Company databases
  • External feeds (such as Google Analytics)
  • Existing spreadsheets

Audited reports with full accountability

It is essential within an organisation that data is both accurate and can be traced to it’s source, particularly relating to management data.  One of the core features of Azquo is that each data amendment is tagged, recorded and date stamped, giving your business a full picture and total accountability

Flexible and collaborative workflow

Azquo offers a flexible approach to sharing data across your organisation. Users can be tagged with access levels, can alter values within spread sheets and can immediately see any changes that have been made recently. In addition users can choose to work offline and upload their results or alternatively can edit directly on screen using any device.

Magento Integration

Azquo has a Magento plugin. You can download this plugin FREE from the Magento Connect Site (Under ‘Marketing/Analytics’)

Reports and budgeting from Sage

Download your Sage data into Azquo in moments to enable powerful spreadsheet reports as well as forecasting and budgeting spreadsheets holding up-to-date accounts data