Example Use Cases

Azquo is a business tool & application building platform

The first thing to say about Azquo is that on it’s own, this is not an “out of the box” application.

A builder’s trowel won’t lay bricks, a hammer won’t bang in nails on its own: They are tools which can be used to create something or break it down.  Azquo is the same.  It is a tool with which you can use Excel to make something truly remarkable.

  • Azquo enables Excel to work on bigger data sets without any formulae linking multiple sheets
  • Azquo can connect to any and many sources of data in any format (.txt, .xlsx, .csv, and even .pdf)
  • Azquo can set you free from data reporting bottlenecks
  • Azquo can present Budgets and Actuals within the same workbook
  • Azquo can enable everyone and anyone – with Excel skills or not – to access, interrogate and understand data in a way that they cannot break.


Typical Use Cases for Azquo

  • Budgeting/ Forecasting
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Performance Analytics
  • Cashflow forecasting
  • Data aggregation from disparate sources
  • Dashboard creation
  • Expected Cumulative Loss Rate Calculations
  • Any complex model that requires audit/ drill down/ examination/ adaptation
  • Intrastat Tax reports
  • Templates you’d like to use many times in different scenarios
  • IFRS9 Requirements can be met using Azquo