Developer resources

Developer resources

These files may be downloaded to help you learn Azquo.  You may want to download the Excel Plugin, or you can use our online spreadsheet



The User Guide

This is designed for users, to familiarise them with the possibilities for download, upload, audit, inspection etc,

The Tutorial

This is for novice developers, to guide them through the creation of a simple application.

The Reference Manual

A comprehensive list of all Azquo instructions and terminology

Sample Systems

The sample systems are designed to show different aspects of Azquo development.

A simple development

This is to be used in conjunction with the tutorial.   Please download the zipped file and unzip it.

Time and Expenses demo

This shows how to create a ‘transaction-based’ application using Azquo.  To view this application

  • download the zipped file to your PC
  • create a new database called ‘expenses’ (databases/dbmanagement)
  • upload the zipped file (databases/upload)
  • Inspect the reports (reports).   Note that the report ‘Time and Expenses Menu’ is a menu which can be set up for users

Calculations demo

This shows an example of using internal calculations (in this case, for foreign exchange calculations)

The instructions are as above, but name the database ‘calculations’

Pivot demo

This is an example of creating the equivalent of Excel pivot tables, but potentially based on much larger data sets.

Follow the same instructions as above, naming the database ‘pivot’

Executing a routine example

This shows how a ‘routine’ can be used to cycle through the same logic with different data to calculate an outcome.

Follow the same instructions, naming the database ‘execute’