Facial Recognition in Java with OpenCV

As part of our recently foray into robotics I’ve been experimenting with facial recognition in Java. The robot, an Aldebaran Pepper, can recognise and learn faces but only using its camera. This means it’s not currently possible to train Pepper … Read More

Complexity, Mess and Strategy

Related a little to my post “The Cost of Cleverness” as complexity is associated with cleverness but one can have complexity without cleverness. Imagine a non-trivial function repeatedly patched by different developers without anyone taking ownership and rewriting it. An … Read More

Programming Team Size

Back at Feefo I saw the number of developers grow from me to about six before I left. I never gave much thought to team sizes or how to hire. Being caught up with day to day things while trying … Read More

The Cost of Cleverness

Recently I’ve been thinking more about architectural principles, why some projects get in a mess and why some don’t. One thing that keeps cropping up is the cost of cleverness in pretty much any area of an IT project. It … Read More